Saturday April 6

11:00a        Top Ten Tips for Transforming Your Yard
                    By Jill Brown,

12:00p        (To Be Announced)

1:00p          Grow Y'Own
                    By Ken Kuhn, Grow Y'Own

2:00p          Landscaping 101
                    By Nigel Nowlin, Landmark Landscaping

Sunday April 7

11:00a     Urban Gardening
                By Jennfer Hobson, Jericho Nursery       

12:00p     (To Be Announced)

1:00p     (To Be Announced)

2:00p    (To Be Announced)


2019 Seminar Presenters include...

Nigel Nowlin

As a landcape designer and general contractor, Nigel is passionate about great landscapes.  From ideas through completion, his company, Landmark Landscaping, can make the most of any yard at a cost that will be on budget. 


Jill Brown

Jill Brown is a landscape architect, author, and blogger who provides landscape coaching to homeowners to help them enjoy their yard.  She’s the creator of Landscape Design Made Easy, an online design course and workbook. Learn more about landscaping in the southwest, check out her plant book and sign up for her FREE landscape design tips at the blog  

Let’s face it; it’s hard to garden in the Southwest.   So Jill will be sharing step-by-step ways to create your dream yard where you can relax and entertain.   Also, she will share with you her favorite 60 plants for New Mexico in her plant book New Mexico Plants Made Easy.  She’ll have plant books, seed bombs and seed bomb ornaments for sale along with FREE landscape coaching. 

Jennifer Hobson.jpg

Jennifer Hobson

Raised in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, one of Jennifer earliest gardening memories is their half an acre vegetable garden where her Grandmother bring a paring knife and a salt shaker and cut things up for her.  And in the autumn, the border of shrub roses all along the front of our house had to be cut back and wrapped in burlap to protect them through the winter. An idyllic childhood of growing up on a farm with lots of acreage walking with Grandmother wearing her apron.

At their nursery, working alongside her gardening expert husband, Rick, the have assembled an outstanding staff of experienced nursery professionals who are eager to help select the plants and supplies that match any gardening style and desired results.  So just tell her what you have in mind, and she’ll help you bring it to life in your lawn, garden, planters, and pots!

Ken Kuhne

Ken Kuhne designed and built the affordable, renewable Grow Y'own grow bed system to help people live a sustainable lifestyle, while saving both money and gasoline. Ken produces grow beds year round for self-sufficient new farmers from the desert to the ocean.