Outdoor Cooking Demonstrations

DISC-IT Cooking is Back Featuring Nevin Montano!

Join Chef Nevin Montano under the RED BARN for special outdoor cooking demonstrations featuring meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Chef Nevin will be joined by notable product manufacturers including:

  • Phil Apodaca of Phil’s Gourmet Sauces,
  • Mike Frison of Fri-B-Que,
  • Kirk Muncrief of Albukirky Seasons,
  • Joe Madrid of “I Love It Spicy” and several others.

Cooking styles will include, DISC-IT Cooking, Fish Boils, Smoking and possibly Dutch-Oven style cooking.  And be sure to check out the outdoor cooking equipment including:  the “Jara” machine – a tailgating trailer which includes an open flame fire pit, and Nevin may also bring the “Air Force Juan” combination airplane smoker/grill/DISC-IT!

Cooking Demonstration Schedule

Saturday, April 22

11:00am          French Toast on the DISC-IT Flat Skill-It              Nevin Montano

12:00pm          Pork Chops - on the Grill/DISC-IT                        Mike Frison, Fri-B-Que

1:00pm            Steak Shishkabobs on Grill/DISC-IT                    Nevin Montano - Golden Toad

2:00pm           Smoked Ribs                                                          Phil Apodaca, Phil’s Gourmet Sauces

3:00pm            Bananas Foster on DISC-IT                                 Nevin Montano

4:00pm             Smoked Winds on DISC-IT                                  Tony Garduno

Sunday, April 23

11:00am           Green Chile Jelly Chicken                                     Nevin Montano, Alkukirky Seasonings

12:00pm          Smoked Salmon                                                      Phil Apodaca, Phil's Gourmet Sauces

1:00pm            Thai Jungle Carrie on DISC-IT                               Chef Den Ridder

2:00pm           Chicken Tenders                                                      Mike Frison, Fri-B-Que

3:00pm            Bacon Wrapped Shrimp on DISC-IT                      Tony Garduno

Check out this video of last year's outdoor cooking demonstration.