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24-hour security will be in place from move-in on Thursday, April 4th until Monday, April 8th  12:00 noon. You are responsible for your own equipment and display.


You are required to have your own insurance coverage for your exhibit area. See #11 & 20 of the Agreement Terms on the back of your contract.  If your current business insurance does not cover you while at the Home Show, or if you need to acquire it, you can secure it through RainProtection Insurance at a cost for $84.  It's easy to apply and they will notify Show Management of your coverage. (Click Here for Exhibitor Liability Insurance Program for just $84.)

Show Decorator Services

Show Management is pleased to announce that Convention Services of the Southwest has been selected to serve as your Official Service Contractor.  Their Exhibitor Service Kit will assist you in planning for the show. Included in the PDF is important show information and related show service order forms. To help save you money, they also offer the opportunity to take advantage of advance order discounts.

Carpet and Electrical

You are responsible for having all exposed carpet edges and extension cords taped down. Use clear plastic tape, no duct tape. All extension cords must meet Fire Marshall regulations.


Companies who use microphones please cooperate with us to keep the sound level at an appropriate level and non distracting from the exhibits around you.

Music in Booth

Live or taped music is prohibited as part of an exhibit or display without written permission from an appropriate music licensing source (i.e: BMI, ASCAP) evidence of such an agreement must be available for review upon request. In the event that written confirmation cannot be documented exhibitor must cease playing music.

City & State Requirements

Exhibitors who plan to sell merchandise during the show in a cash and carry fashion are responsible for complying with the City Licensing and New Mexico State Tax requirements. Tax forms will be distributed at move-in. (Click HERE for Taxation & Revenue Forms)

RV Parking

There are facilities on the grounds. Please check with the security guards at the main gate for arrangements.